About Us

BRAFIX is an upstart company that wants to bring fun into fashion. We work with small manufacturers that employ ethical means to manufacture our products because we want the future to be bright for all of us in the younger generation. We also believe that smaller manufacturers take great pride in their work, making the end products much better for you.

We focus on improving the security you would feel with our products, so our double-sided adhesives are hand-made to ensure that you can enjoy life without worrying about the way you and your body looks.

Please be patient with us as mistakes can still happen with manufacturing, so tiny pieces of silicone gel may fall off at times, but don’t worry! These things are normal and don’t affect the performance and security we offer you. If you feel as though you’ve purchased a defective pair, or if you feel unsatisfied with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can make things right.